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Nuon produces and supplies gas, electricity, heat and refrigeration, and offers its customers a wide range of energysaving products and services. Fabrique developed Mijn Nuon, the personal space on nuon.nl.


Make Mijn Nuon more effective. And how can we make better use of commercial opportunities there?


The redeveloped Mijn Nuon approaches the customer in a more personal way, and provides them with advice that specifically fits their profile. For example, we coordinate the campaigns and checks presented with situation of the user.

We improved the user-friendliness of the space by carrying out good user research and by looking closely at the most suitable design patterns.

We developed Mijn Nuon with Scrum, in order to achieve results quickly in a technically complex project with a large number of business rules.


Huge savings on customer service, in which context the project recovered its costs within a couple of months. And greater conversion with regard to the special offers in Mijn Nuon.


Bel Gert Hans.




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