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Portfolio Philips annual report 2013

Koninklijke Philips N.V. focuses on healthcare, lifestyle consumer products and lighting. The 2013 annual report of Philips is the first annual report that was not developed by its renowned design department. Added to this prestigious first for Fabrique, the annual report was also the first expression of the new visual style of Philips.


Develop an annual report which not only provides an overview of the facts and figures for the past year, but also presents the key areas of focus of Philips for the future.


A website with three stories. By scrolling to the left or right, the visitor can choose whether he or she wishes to follow the story about ‘Accelerate!’, ‘Building a great company’ or ‘Innovation that matters’. Proof-points (images of users and products) provide proof of the innovative strength of Philips within the stories.

The main navigation brings you quickly to the facts and figures for 2013, and the video messages from the Board of Directors. Alongside the new visual style, we also introduced a new photography and video concept, which focuses on a personal approach.


A tablet-first website which, thanks to the rich visual storytelling, invites users intuitively to explore how, through innovation, Philips is making the world better and more sustainable.

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